2005 AMTA Reunion
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The Second AMTA Reunion October 19 thru 22, 2005 San Antonio, Texas

The 2005 Airborne Maintenance Technician Association Reunion was held in San Antonio, Texas October 19th through the 22nd, and while it was not the smashing success we had hoped for, it was a success.  We had over 80 AMTs and guests at the AMTA Banquet.  46 AMTs were present at the reunion.  The membership meeting was a little sparse due to the early time (8:00 AM).
100_2421.JPG (125380 bytes)

The women are plotting against the men

100_2422.JPG (121447 bytes)

Del telling Jim and Walt a tall one

100_2423.JPG (96301 bytes)

Bill explaining the situation to Linda, Sharon, Jenny and Shelia

100_2424.JPG (119144 bytes)

David, Charlie, Bob, Noe C, Mike, John, Walt and Jim all telling big ones

100_2425.JPG (134888 bytes)

Dan looking at pictures, Johnnie trying to convince Del

100_2426.JPG (106058 bytes)

Del cannot be convinced

100_2427.JPG (80936 bytes)

You really got to wonder what Bill told those women

100_2428.JPG (110252 bytes)

Noe C, Bill and Phil What did you say???

100_2429.JPG (109177 bytes)

I sure hope Bob is not taking in what Charlie is saying

100_2431.JPG (125815 bytes)

Noe C, Hank, Charlie, Paulette and Dan sitting relaxing

100_2432.JPG (132608 bytes)

Charlie with no-legs trying to get someone to give him a seat

100_2433.JPG (112706 bytes)

Lots of women plotting against the men

100_2434.JPG (118123 bytes)

Del says, Phil you can get a beer right over there

100_2435.JPG (128215 bytes)

A bunch of men plotting against the women

100_2436.JPG (96380 bytes)

Johnnie says, Uncle Sam wants YOU!!

100_2437.JPG (114103 bytes)

Sharon must be ignoring Barbara

100_2438.JPG (127211 bytes)

Frank and Bill are up to no good

100_2439.JPG (136116 bytes)

Doug, Jim, Hank, Bob, Ken, Phil, Tom and David 

100_2440.JPG (128682 bytes)

Clara, Ingrid, Betty Jo, Cissie, Paulette, Barbara, Shelia

100_2441.JPG (126704 bytes)

Clara, Ingrid, Betty Jo, Cissie, Paulette, Barbara, Shelia

100_2443.JPG (119946 bytes)

Whitey really laying it on Bill and John

100_2444.JPG (115541 bytes)

Phil, Jim, Hank, Ken, Doug, Bob, Jim, David and Tom

100_2445.JPG (134094 bytes)

Whitey still laying it on Bill and John

100_2447.JPG (106158 bytes)

Does Johnnie look scared or what??

100_2448.JPG (125618 bytes)

Joyce trying to make a deal with John

100_2449.JPG (240734 bytes)

Dan and Joyce ready for the banquet

100_2450.JPG (119826 bytes)

Where did I put my notes??  Darn it!!

100_2451.JPG (106706 bytes)

Waiting for the banquet to start

100_2452.JPG (110130 bytes)

Del has Hank's and David's attention

100_2453.JPG (98864 bytes)

Whitey watching Spence con John

100_2454.JPG (212204 bytes)

Joyce looks happy, but Betty Jo and the rest are chatting

100_2455.JPG (110687 bytes)

Frank & Harry Jim & Pat

100_2456.JPG (111065 bytes)

Jerry, Charlie, Spence, Bill and John

100_2457.JPG (99782 bytes)

John has to get to the bathroom

100_2458.JPG (109719 bytes)

The Banquet Room is ready

100_2459.JPG (102762 bytes)

The food is waiting and it was GREAT!!

100_2460.JPG (70380 bytes)

Sharon, Mike, Jim & Shelia

100_2461.JPG (98959 bytes)

Bill taking everyone's picture

100_2462.JPG (83544 bytes)

John wants his picture before Jim and Shelia

100_2463.JPG (92332 bytes)

Sharon, Linda and Barbara

100_2464.JPG (95547 bytes)

The place is starting to fill up

100_2465.JPG (106997 bytes)

Shelia, Jim and Betty Jo

100_2466.JPG (89301 bytes)

More people, picture pretty dark

100_2468.JPG (89208 bytes)

More people, picture pretty dark

100_2469.JPG (102980 bytes)

More people, picture pretty dark

100_2470.JPG (108983 bytes)

Preparing for Color Guard

100_2471.JPG (93029 bytes)

Preparing for Color Guard

100_2472.JPG (105839 bytes)

John laying it on thick to Jim

100_2473.JPG (107410 bytes)

Del talking with John

100_2474.JPG (110502 bytes)

Joyce, Mac, Bonnie & Jenny

100_2475.JPG (79626 bytes)

Preparing for Color Guard

100_2476.JPG (93570 bytes)

Preparing for Color Guard

100_2477.JPG (103564 bytes)

Just milling around waiting for something to happen

100_2478.JPG (102873 bytes)

Preparing for Color Guard, Phil, Paulette, Ingrid, Cissie, Tom and Sharon

100_2479.JPG (66678 bytes)

Preparing for Color Guard, Tom and Cissie (too dark)

100_2480.JPG (96491 bytes)

Preparing for Color Guard, Phil in front

100_2481.JPG (99158 bytes)

Color Guard Marching

100_2482.JPG (110538 bytes)

Color Guard

100_2483.JPG (98502 bytes)

Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner

100_2485.JPG (91063 bytes)

Everyone Eating

100_2486.JPG (100965 bytes)

Doug & Fran with back to camera, Mike and Marilyn

100_2487.JPG (99030 bytes)

Les, Charlie, Jim, Spence, Doug and Fran, maybe Tom

100_2488.JPG (92388 bytes)

Doug, Clara, Ken, Heather, Jerry, Harry & Billie

100_2489.JPG (96808 bytes)

The shiny head is Chuck

100_2490.JPG (111162 bytes)

Everyone moving around as General & Mrs Larson have arrived

100_2492.JPG (104376 bytes)

General Larson's table

100_2493.JPG (76265 bytes)

John bowing out

100_2494.JPG (47748 bytes)

Way too dark, John welcoming Johnnie as President

100_2495.JPG (65694 bytes)

Johnnie giving acceptance speech, yes it is too dark too

100_2496.JPG (88374 bytes)

General Larson heading up the food line

100_2497.JPG (72680 bytes)

John presenting Bob award

100_2498.JPG (70418 bytes)

John presenting Bob award

100_2500.JPG (78043 bytes)

Jeff (AMTA Chaplain) honoring fallen AMTs

100_2501.JPG (97475 bytes)

Del to present Pat Award, Betty Jo in front

100_2502.JPG (68383 bytes)

Del presenting Pat Award

100_2503.JPG (67653 bytes)

Del presenting Pat Award

100_2504.JPG (70322 bytes)

Pat introducing General Larson

100_2505.JPG (72796 bytes)

General Larson speaking

100_2506.JPG (63761 bytes)

General Larson speaking

100_2507.JPG (70014 bytes)

Johnnie bidding farewell

100_2508.JPG (68125 bytes)

Johnnie giving out door prizes

100_2509.JPG (155579 bytes)

Mrs. Larson drawing names for door prizes

100_2510.JPG (60876 bytes)

John Pike (Bruce's son) receiving his door prize

100_2511.JPG (68041 bytes)

Jeff receiving door prize

100_2512.JPG (74260 bytes)

Joe received his door prize

100_2513.JPG (81323 bytes)

Clara gets a hug with door prize

100_2514.JPG (133026 bytes)

Silent Auction getting a lot of attention

100_2515.JPG (123788 bytes)

Looking at pictures and fellowship

100_2516.JPG (111255 bytes)

Hank, Ken and Doug

100_2517.JPG (105560 bytes)

Silent Auction getting a lot of attention

100_2518.JPG (112116 bytes)

More fellowship

100_2519.JPG (116312 bytes)

Great shot of a lot of people

100_2520.JPG (119084 bytes)

Everyone admiring their Silent Auction purchases

100_2521.JPG (114731 bytes)

Mike, Marilyn and Jenny

100_2522.JPG (122944 bytes)

Doug, Fran and Les seated Johnnie, John, Phil, Del & Paulette in background

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