2004 AMTA Reunion
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2004 AMTA Reunion

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AMTA Inaugural Reunion September 22 & 23, 2004 San Antonio, Texas

 The following pictures were taken during the AMTA's first reunion in San Antonio.  These were provided by individuals and from the disposable cameras furnished by the AMTA.                                                                    

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Bob and Elaine Miller, First President and First Lady of the AMTA

Jeff Knisley, AMTA Chaplain and his wife Mary

100_1159.JPG (123272 bytes)

Welcome Desk, Del, Sharon, Bonnie

100_1161.JPG (125070 bytes)

Bob, Charlie, Charlie, and Lynda and Julie

100_1163.JPG (117207 bytes)

Having a few beers

100_1164.JPG (114761 bytes)

Having a few more beers at the Social Hour

100_1165.JPG (124913 bytes)

Pat and Del saying hello

100_1166.JPG (92500 bytes)

Johnnie and Julie

100_1167.JPG (122968 bytes)

Jerry wondering where is the beer?

100_1168.JPG (89972 bytes)

Now you listen to me! Vern said

100_1169.JPG (115030 bytes)

No one talking to Charlie

100_1170.JPG (97847 bytes)


100_1171.JPG (111401 bytes)

This is what AMTs do, have a few beers

100_1172.JPG (118656 bytes)

Sam in front and the ladies talking

100_1173.JPG (131404 bytes)

Who is telling the biggest one, John or Sam?

100_1174.JPG (115372 bytes)

Bob in the back, Mike in the front

100_1178.JPG (109317 bytes)

Frank getting things straight at the Welcome Table

100_1183.JPG (117515 bytes)

Mike, what do you want?

100_1194.JPG (116569 bytes)

Bill and Sharon looking good!

100_1197.JPG (110490 bytes)

Hank and Ingrid twins for the day

100_1198.JPG (95240 bytes)

John watching Doug & Clara

100_1201.JPG (97281 bytes)

Clara showing John the bag she put Doug in??

100_1202.JPG (120745 bytes)

Ken and Heather posing

100_1211.JPG (105981 bytes)

Doug, Hank, Tom & Johnnie (Husbands)

100_1212.JPG (111854 bytes)

Ingrid, Cissie, Clara, & Betty Jo (Wives)

100_1214.JPG (113902 bytes)

Del, Mike & Johnnie

100_1217.JPG (115888 bytes)

Chuck & John caught by surprise

100_1218.JPG (118175 bytes)

John H. says Mike still has not grown up.

100_1239.JPG (124205 bytes)

The golf team, not winners, just golf team!!

100_1220.JPG (109128 bytes)

Bill, Jeff, Jim and Hank plotting something....

100_1227.JPG (117439 bytes)

Preparation for FTVA Golf Tournament

100_1243.JPG (96542 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1256.JPG (103890 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1257.JPG (104665 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1180.JPG (126025 bytes)

Jeff (AMTA Chaplain), says, "What is this?"

100_1181.JPG (108843 bytes)

Frank will show them how to do a Welcome Table

100_1182.JPG (112520 bytes)

Charlie, Johnnie, Bob & Bob

100_1184.JPG (105525 bytes)

Sam's line of BS has John, Marv, Julie, & Lynda mesmerized, but Phyllis has left the table

100_1185.JPG (122257 bytes)

Bob, Bob, Charlie & Charlie V. aren't those cell phones neat?

100_1186.JPG (122612 bytes)

Bill checking Sharon & Bonnie at the Welcome Table

100_1188.JPG (92117 bytes)

Charlie (check it neat cell phone) Tom as always laughing

100_1189.JPG (124303 bytes)

Cissie, says," My Goodness, Jerry Ching you still look the same!"

100_1191.JPG (110796 bytes)

Hey Look Jeff, don't you think Jerry looks good?

100_1192.JPG (113409 bytes)

Sam, Phyllis, Lynda and Julie

100_1193.JPG (117268 bytes)

Dan, Joyce, and Betty Jo

100_1200.JPG (120317 bytes)

Elaine says, "Phyllis I don't believe a word of that."

100_1203.JPG (89667 bytes)

Hank and Bob, more BS going strong

100_1205.JPG (102449 bytes)

Ingrid letting Sharon in on all the secrets.

100_1206.JPG (128053 bytes)

Del selling Sharon a cup, I hope for the right price.

100_1207.JPG (96118 bytes)

Tom and Pat having a blast

100_1208.JPG (117688 bytes)

Mike & Noe C spreading more BS

100_1209.JPG (106698 bytes)

Clara says, "Honestly Cissie & Heather Doug is this wide"

100_1219.JPG (104949 bytes)

Jeff says, "Look Bill I am the chaplain, I can't be lying now"

100_1221.JPG (129820 bytes)

John giving Sharon, Del & Frank a break

100_1222.JPG (118023 bytes)

Chuck tells John, Mike and John, "I have a two month old puppy this tall"

100_1223.JPG (139828 bytes)

Bob Says, "Now Jerry if you will loan me $3M I can build my water park!"

100_1224.JPG (101819 bytes)

This shows the women can be good BSers too.

100_1245.JPG (95954 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1247.JPG (93418 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1248.JPG (108803 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1249.JPG (121281 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1250.JPG (105636 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1246.JPG (97822 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1251.JPG (110445 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1252.JPG (109718 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1253.JPG (113961 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1254.JPG (104879 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1255.JPG (103731 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1256.JPG (103890 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004 Presentation

100_1260.JPG (116808 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1261.JPG (105786 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1262.JPG (103418 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

100_1263.JPG (62389 bytes)

AMTA Banquet Jim Worrell Presentation

100_1264.JPG (104705 bytes)

AMTA Banquet 2004

Bob_elaine2.jpg (255259 bytes)

First Lady Elaine and AMTA President Bob Miller

john_Lynda.JPG (204847 bytes)

John & Lynda Shaffer

marvmike.jpg (54485 bytes)

Marv and Mike

patjohn.jpg (26138 bytes)

John and Pat

jollys.jpg (40345 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs Delano Jolly

dockins.jpg (22749 bytes)

What is John laughing about?

Bill_Sharon_Whitehead.JPG (66022 bytes)

Bill and Sharon looking very sharp

delela.jpg (40380 bytes)

Del Jolly & Elaine Miller

Bob Dobbins.jpg (28130 bytes)

Bob Dobbins aka Jack Nicklaus

Charllie Vigdor.jpg (22365 bytes)

Did you know this is Charlie Vigdor??

Hank_Ingrid_Gebbia.JPG (67828 bytes)

Hank and Ingrid looking very sharp

Jeff_Cecelia_McRaney.JPG (65325 bytes)

Jeff and Cecilia looking very sharp

Jerry Ching.jpg (26113 bytes)

Jerry Ching ready for the party!

NoeC_Chris_Guerra.JPG (77164 bytes)

Noe C and Chris also looking very sharp

Presentation_Colors.JPG (68587 bytes)

Presentation of The Colors at the 2004 Inaugural AMTA Reunion

Sam_Phyllis_Nunn.JPG (64537 bytes)

Sam and Phyllis are ready to go

Tom andPat Wallace.jpg (43339 bytes)

Tom and Pat are definitely ready for a party!!

True Bosses.jpg (69686 bytes)

Make picture large to see the True Bosses in our lives!!

James_Laura_Hurst.JPG (64678 bytes)

Two special guests at the reunion, James & Laura Hurst

Lessly Robison.jpg (27936 bytes)

Less Robison, whose name I want to misspell, sorry!

136-3686_IMG.JPG (51632 bytes)

Mike Gehri, ready for the AMTA Banquet

136-3679_IMG.JPG (52807 bytes)

Bob and Billie White looking great!

136-3682_IMG.JPG (65430 bytes)

Ken and Yolanda Cates at the AMTA Banquet

136-3677_IMG.JPG (68032 bytes)

Ken Woodall, from Canada to AMTA Banquet in one day!

136-3676_IMG.JPG (69229 bytes)

Bruce and Margaret Pike at the AMTA Banquet

136-3688_IMG.JPG (69524 bytes)

Marv & Julie Lokken all the way from Wisconsin for Banquet

136-3683_IMG.JPG (70415 bytes)

Jim and Candace Kant from Las Vegas to AMTA Banquet

137-3701_IMG.JPG (72244 bytes)

Charlie and Bob plotting against the emeny!

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