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Current Members of the Airborne Maintenance Technician Association.  JOIN TODAY!!


The following AMTs (Type CHARTER LIFETIME or FOUNDER LIFETIME or CHARTER)are CHARTER members of the Airborne Maintenance Technician Association (the first 98 members).  Every member on this list is a member in good standing, and can attend and vote during General Membership Meetings.

The AMTA now has 76 CHARTER MEMBERS of the original 98 that joined the AMTA during the year 2004.  Nine (9) have passed away and thirteen (13) have chosen NOT to renew.   We encourage everyone who is eligible to join the AMTA so you can truly help make a difference.  Contact Bob White with your membership form and membership dues today.  Go here for the membership form and Bob's address is on the form.

Check the membership due date by your name and ensure your dues are always up to date.  Thank you AMTA members for your strong support for the AMTA.......

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See legend for highlight meaning in your date due block.
AMTA Membership Form (PDF Format)   Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
    Due in January 2018 Due in April 2018 Due in October 2017
Due in December 2017 Due in May 2018 Due in August 2018
  First Name MI Last Name State Type Email Wings Type Joined Due
1 Robert S Ambrose MI LIFETIME Bob Basic LIFE 9/21/2006 NEVER
2 Thomas B Anderson AZ CURRENT Tom Basic 3 YR 3/09/2016 3/08/2019
3 Ollie C Armstrong AL LIFETIME OC Basic LIFE 4/1/2009 NEVER
4 Harry   Ashcraft TX CHARTER No Email NPW LIFE 9/23/2004 NEVER
5 Herbert E Atchison AK LIFETIME Herb Chief LIFE 6/13/2006 NEVER
6 Douglas E Bell MO CURRENT Doug Chief 3 YR 2/3/2017 2/2/2020
7 Claude G Bennett TX LIFETIME Ben Senior LIFE 8/28/2007 NEVER
8 Tommy D Birdwell NE CHARTER Tommy   LIFE 12/10/2004 NEVER
9 Steven B Bland OH LIFETIME Steve Chief LIFE 03/03/2009 NEVER
10 Mark A Blume MO CURRENT Mark Basic 3 YR 8/31/2012 8/30/2018
11 Henry G Bomar MO CHARTER Hank   LIFE 8/19/2004 NEVER
12 Thomas J Borowski NY LIFETIME Tom Chief LIFE 4/3/2007 NEVER
13 Joseph L Brickey VA CHARTER Joe Basic LIFE 12/31/2004 NEVER
14 Charles L Bridgeman IL LIFETIME Charlie   LIFE 8/13/2008 NEVER
15 John R Brown CA CHARTER John Chief LIFE 12/23/2004 NEVER
16 Delmer H Brummett MO LIFETIME Howard Basic LIFE 8/23/2012 NEVER
17 Walter W Bullock NE LIFETIME Wayne Chief LIFE 07/13/2012 NEVER
18 Gordon C Bunn NE LIFETIME Gordon Senior LIFE 9/24/2011 NEVER
19 David R Burken FL LIFETIME Dave Basic LIFE 1/18/2010 NEVER
20 Charlie B Bursell TX CHARTER Charlie   LIFE 8/04/2004 NEVER
21 Gordon B Carraway VA CURRENT GB   3 YR 9/24/2009 9/23/2018
22 Gerald W Ching NE CHARTER Jerry Basic LIFE 9/23/2004 NEVER
23 William M Cohen AL LIFETIME Mike Senior LIFE 10/09/2007 NEVER
24 Michael U Crowe NY LIFETIME Mike NPW LIFE 5/20/2011 NEVER
25 Thomas C Crump PAN LIFETIME TC CHIEF LIFE 9/25/2013 NEVER
26 Richard E Davis TX CHARTER Rick Basic LIFE 8/19/2004 NEVER
27 Michael H Dayberry NC LIFETIME Mike Basic LIFE 6/2/2009 NEVER
28 George F Delmar TX LIFETIME George Basic LIFE 6/18/2009 NEVER
29 Kenneth  J DeZotell NY CHARTER Ken Chief LIFE 12/23/2004 NEVER
30 Gene P Dudley AL CURRENT Gene Senior 3 YR 9/01/2015 8/31/2018
31 Russell A Dysart NE LIFETIME Russell Basic LIFE 1/21/2009 NEVER
32 Roland A Eckert AZ LIFETIME Roland Basic LIFE 8/31/2010 NEVER
33 Joseph A Einig TX LIFETIME Joe Senior LIFE 3/7/2006 NEVER
34 Robert S Embrey NE LIFETIME Bob Basic LIFE 8/30/2006 NEVER
35 Michael T Eodice CA CHARTER Mike Senior LIFE 8/30/2004 NEVER
36 Johnnie T Estes TX FOUNDER Johnnie Senior LIFE 6/24/2004 NEVER
37 Kent   Ferguson FL LIFETIME Kent Senior LIFE 5/18/2017 NEVER
38 David R Ferreira FL LIFETIME David Senior LIFE 3/1/2015 NEVER
39 Philip R Fling PA CHARTER Phil Basic LIFE 7/21/2004 NEVER
40 Marcus L Forbes NM CURRENT Marcus Chief 3 YR 4/28/2015 4/27/2018
41 Albert H Francis FL LIFETIME Herb Basic LIFE 9/24/2009 NEVER
42 William R Friedrich NC CHARTER Bill Senior LIFE 12/28/2004 NEVER
43 Henry S Gebbia TX CHARTER Hank Basic LIFE 8/18/2004 NEVER
44 Michael D Gehri TX CHARTER Mike Basic LIFE 8/30/2004 NEVER
45 Billy W George TN LIFETIME Bill Senior LIFE 10/23/2007 NEVER
46 Clayton B Green NC CURRENT Clay Chief LIFE 6/27/2007 NEVER
47 Taylor J Greene AZ LIFETIME Taylor Senior LIFE 5/07/2006 NEVER
48 Daniel E Greer KS CHARTER Dan Senior LIFE 8/10/2004 NEVER
49 Mervin A Gross MD CHARTER Whitey Chief LIFE 9/26/2004 NEVER
50 Noe C. C Guerra TX CHARTER NoeC Chief LIFE 8/11/2004 NEVER
51 John W Halfacer TX CHARTER No Email Senior LIFE 8/20/2004 NEVER
52 Harvey H Hall FL LIFETIME Harvey Basic LIFE 4/21/2008 NEVER
53 Barry L Hamilton MI LIFETIME Barry Basic LIFE 5/04/2014 NEVER
54 James T Hargrove TX CHARTER Jim Basic LIFE 7/27/2004 NEVER
55 Steven V Harmon WA LIFETIME Steven Basic LIFE 5/8/2015 NEVER
56 Robert J Hickey NY CHARTER Bob Chief LIFE 9/23/2004 NEVER
57 Donald G Hillis TX CHARTER Don Basic LIFE 11/10/2004 NEVER
58 Gerald L Hoffman TN LIFETIME Jerry   LIFE 5/20/2015 NEVER
59 Randy C Holt OK CHARTER Randy Chief LIFE 12/23/2004 NEVER
60 George T Honsaker CO CHARTER George Chief LIFE 12/07/2004 NEVER
61 Ralph E Huffman NC CHARTER Ralph Senior 3 YR 12/31/2004 12/06/2020
62 John L Hurst NE FOUNDER John Senior LIFE 6/24/2004 NEVER
63 Donald F Jackson PA LIFETIME Don Senior LIFE 10/18/2005 NEVER
64 Joseph E Jesty NE CHARTER Joe Chief LIFE 8/30/2004 NEVER
65 Lewis S Johnson TX CURRENT Steve Chief 3 YR 10/05/2007 10/4/2018
66 Thomas F Joines TN CHARTER Tom Senior LIFE 8/30/2004 NEVER
67 Delano R Jolly AR FOUNDER Del Senior LIFE 6/24/2004 NEVER
68 William F Jordan OR CHARTER Frank Basic LIFE 8/19/2004 NEVER
69 William F Kaelin FL CHARTER Bill Senior LIFE 7/21/2004 NEVER
70 James W Kant NV CHARTER Jim Senior LIFE 8/19/2004 NEVER
71 Clyde O Kasten MO LIFETIME Clyde   LIFE 9/4/2008 NEVER
72 Preston H Kelly CA LIFETIME Preston   LIFE 8/11/2017 NEVER
73 Robert A Kemper LA LIFETIME Bob Senior LIFE 9/16/2008 NEVER
74 Kenneth   Khoma TX CHARTER Ken Senior LIFE 9/23/2004 NEVER
75 Charley R King SC LIFETIME Charlie Senior LIFE 8/24/2005 NEVER
76 Paul H Knighton CA LIFETIME No Email Basic LIFE 5/10/2007 NEVER
77 Jefferson S Knisley TN CHARTER Jeff Chief LIFE 8/04/2004 NEVER
78 Elroy G Krebsbach WI LIFETIME Elroy   LIFE 10/02/2007 NEVER
79 Karl F Kuckelman TX LIFETIME Karl   LIFE 7/15/2008 NEVER
80 Oran D Lambing CA LIFETIME Dirk Basic LIFE 10/24/2012 NEVER
81 John T Lauser OK LIFETIME John Basic LIFE 8/26/2008 NEVER
82 Charles L Layman CA CHARTER Chuck Chief LIFE 8/11/2004 NEVER
83 Richard D Ledford WA LIFETIME Dean Senior LIFE 3/06/2006 NEVER
84 Kenneth R Lehocky TX CHARTER Ken Chief LIFE 12/31/2004 NEVER
85 David W Leslie TX LIFETIME David Senior 3 YR 02/02/2009 NEVER
86 Gary   Lester NE CHARTER Gary Chief LIFE 7/25/2004 NEVER
87 Henry P Leupp ND LIFETIME Hank Basic LIFE 8/23/2005 NEVER
88 William E Lewis LA LIFETIME Bill Senior LIFE 11/09/2005 NEVER
89 Richard A Linders MN CHARTER Dick   LIFE 9/08/2004 NEVER
90 Carson P Lobb PA LIFETIME Carson Chief LIFE 9/14/2007 NEVER
91 Marvin A Lokken MN CHARTER Marv Chief LIFE 9/17/2004 NEVER
92 William R Lossner TX LIFETIME Rick Chief LIFE 1/24/2017 NEVER
93 William K Lovelady GY CHARTER Keith Basic LIFE 12/23/2004 NEVER
94 Thomas N Lyon FL CHARTER Tom Basic LIFE 12/24/2004 NEVER
95 Jeffrey J Mack WI CURRENT Jeff Basic 3 YR 08/13/2012 08/12/18
96 Richard C Maier NH LIFETIME Dick Basic LIFE 5/11/2009 NEVER
97 Raymond D Martin OH LIFETIME Ray Senior LIFE 2/23/2007 NEVER
98 Anthony J Massaro TX CHARTER Tony Senior 3 YR 12/30/2004 12/29/2019
99 Brian A McCartney NC CURRENT Brian Basic 3 YR 1/07/2009 1/06/2021
100 Palmer L McCoy FL CHARTER Palmer Chief LIFE 12/30/2004 NEVER
101 Michael B McLaughlin TX CHARTER Mike Chief LIFE 8/08/2004 NEVER
102 Larry W Meade NE LIFETIME Larry Chief LIFE 7/19/2006 NEVER
103 William   Mehrhoff ME CHARTER Bill Senior LIFE 7/22/2004 NEVER
104 Douglas A Miller TX CHARTER Doug Senior LIFE 9/23/2004 NEVER
105 Robert A Miller FL FOUNDER Bob Chief LIFE 6/24/2004 NEVER
106 James A Morton TX LIFETIME Jim Senior LIFE 10/22/2009 NEVER
107 Sam W Morton TX CHARTER Sam Chief LIFE 12/24/2004 NEVER
108 Kenneth E Moyer AZ LIFETIME Ken Senior LIFE 09/13/2014 NEVER
109 Thomas   Muggeo TX CHARTER Tom Chief LIFE 10/13/2004 NEVER
110 James L Murray FL CHARTER Jim Senior LIFE 11/22/2004 NEVER
111 Billy D Myers TX LIFETIME Bill Senior LIFE 6/11/2008 NEVER
112 Patrick G Neary OH CURRENT Pat Senior 3 YR 5/26/2009 05/25/2018
113 Samuel E Nunn AL CHARTER Sam Basic LIFE 9/08/2004 NEVER
114 Lawrence   Olesky NV CURRENT Larry Senior 3 YR 04/03/2011 04/02/2020
115 Gregory D O'Neal MS LIFETIME Greg Senior LIFE 4/11/2009 NEVER
116 Wayne G Opperman NV CHARTER Wayne Basic LIFE 12/28/2004 NEVER
117 8Andre D Peery VA LIFETIME Andre Basic LIFE 7/27/2010 NEVER
118 9homas M Petersen TX CHARTER Tom Chief LIFE 7/27/2004 NEVER
119 Paul E Pittman FL CURRENT Paul Basic 3 YR 11/11/2006 11/10/2018
120 Howard S Poyas WA CHARTER Stan Senior LIFE 12/07/2004 NEVER
121 Ellery D Preece MA CURRENT Ellery Basic LIFE 05/02/2014 NEVER
122 James M Pusateri OK LIFETIME James Senior LIFE 8/30/2005 NEVER
123 David L Quinn KS LIFETIME Dave Basic LIFE 6/27/2005 NEVER
124 John P Rahne TX LIFETIME John Basic LIFE 9/01/2009 NEVER
125 Thomas B Ramsey NE CHARTER Tom Senior LIFE 12/11/2004 NEVER
126 Patrick L Riley CO CHARTER Pat   LIFE 11/08/2004 NEVER
127 Lessly H Robison FL CHARTER Les Chief LIFE 8/06/2004 NEVER
128 Michael C Roland MS LIFETIME Mike Basic LIFE 2/28/2011 NEVER
129 Robert   Romero MD LIFETIME Bob Chief LIFE 1/21/2009 NEVER
130 James R Schinschke FL LIFETIME James Basic LIFE 02/16/2014 NEVER
131 Robert D Schoff TX CHARTER Dave Senior LIFE 12/15/2004 NEVER
132 Raymond D Scott TX LIFETIME Scottie Basic LIFE 09/15/2009 NEVER
133 Roy E Shaffer CO CHARTER Roy Chief 3 YR 8/20/2004 08/19/2019
134 Earl R Sifford GA LIFETIME Earl Senior LIFE 7/07/2006 NEVER
135 Leigh D Sinnamon NH CURRENT Leigh Basic 3 YR 2/1/2011 1/31/2020
136 Richard L Sluder FL LIFETIME Rick Senior LIFE 7/25/2008 NEVER
137 Morgan E Smith FL CHARTER Ed Basic LIFE 8/18/2004 NEVER
138 Matthew R Stirrup IL CURRENT Matt Basic LIFE 07/09/2012 NEVER
139 Thomas W Stoecker IL CHARTER Tom Senior 3 YR 12/30/2004 12/9/2020
140 Vernon D Stump TX FOUNDER Vern   LIFE 6/24/2004 NEVER
141 Dennis M Sullivan NC CHARTER Sully Chief LIFE 8/11/2004 NEVER
142 James G Tam FL CHARTER Jim Basic LIFE 8/10/2004 NEVER
143 Richard   Townsend MD CHARTER Dick Chief LIFE 9/08/2004 NEVER
144 Barry T Traxler PA LIFETIME Barry Basic LIFE 5/15/2006 NEVER
145 John H Turner FL LIFETIME John Senior LIFE 07/06/2009 NEVER
146 Donald E Utt GA LIFETIME Don Basic LIFE 11/13/2008 NEVER
147 David A Wagner TX CURRENT Dave Senior 3 YR 1/5/2010 01/4/2019
148 Donald W Weaver TX LIFETIME Don Chief LIFE 9/8/2017 NEVER
149 Walter R Webster TX CHARTER Walt Basic LIFE 12/30/2004 NEVER
150 Robert J White TX CHARTER Bob Chief LIFE 8/30/2004 NEVER
151 William T Whitehead TX CHARTER Bill   LIFE 8/30/2004 NEVER
152 Spencer F Wilkins TX CHARTER Spence Basic LIFE 11/19/2004 NEVER
153 William E Wilson TX FOUNDER Bill Senior LIFE 6/24/2004 NEVER
154 Kenneth R Woodall TX CHARTER Ken Chief LIFE 8/11/2004 NEVER
155 William E Woodard MO CHARTER Bill Basic 3 YR 12/31/2004 12/22/2019
156 Thomas   Woolston VA CHARTER Tom   LIFE 10/16/04 NEVER
157 James D Worrell TX CHARTER Jim Chief LIFE 8/18/2004 NEVER
158 Edmund P Zynda MD LIFETIME Ed Senior LIFE 6/03/2007 NEVER
    Due in January 2018 Due in April 2018 Due in October 2017
Due in December 2017 Due in May 2018 Due in August 2018

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