2012 AMTA IReunion
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Thanks to John & Larry the very successful 2012 Informal Reunion is over and much fun was had by all.....
Many, many thanks to John Hurst, AMTA VSO and Larry Meade as we just completed an outstanding reunion in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Regardless if it is called informal or whatever, it was great!  It was nice and relaxing and everyone had a lot of fun.  The site for the reunion was The Holiday Inn & Suites at the Ameristar Casino.  Everything was set up perfect by the hotel staff and Mike McLaughlin brought an abbreviated amount of AMTA memorabilia for everyone.    The breakfast which was included in the price of the room was excellent as always.

Larry Meade arranged for a tour of two of the airplanes, and regardless of a few glitches Larry made sure it came off without a hitch.  Everyone that went on the aircraft tours truly enjoyed it.  Many people said the aircraft tour alone was worth the trip to Omaha.

This reunion was informal which meant we had no meetings, no voting or anything else.  Which meant we had a lot of free time to spend doing as we wanted.  John did have a meeting with the wives on Friday to make everyone aware of veteran's benefits.  The wives appreciated getting the information as it was and is valuable.  We all had dinner together at Tish's Cafe Thursday evening and it was a great time.  The food and service were great and we did not have to spend an arm and a leg to have an excellent meal.

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Here are some pictures from the reunion..... more pictures will follow as soon as they are forwarded to us.  Thanks to all those who took pictures to share....

The Lester's Pictures

The Estes's Pictures

VSO Meeting Pictures

If you have questions or concerns about the AMTA informal reunion at the Holiday Inn & Suites contact John Hurst