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2011 AMTA Reunion, San Antonio, Texas - September 21 - 23
Thanks to Mike McLaughlin, Dan Sloan and Bob White the San Antonio Airport Hilton will be the place for the 2011 AMTA Reunion.  This will be the sixth reunion since The AMTA was founded in 2004.  The San Antonio Airport Hilton did a fantastic job during the 2009 reunion.  They tried to meet our every need and did not want money every time we asked for something.  The dates for the reunion are September 21st through September 23rd, 2011 with the AMTA banquet being September 23rd.  Many will have breakfast together Saturday the 24th.  These dates coincide with the FTVA reunion.

We will be joining the FTVA golf tournament again as Joe Hurst does a fantastic job organizing the FTVA tournament.

Keep checking back from time to time as updates will be posted as they become available.

If you need to add something about the reunion to this page send an email with your input to Johnnie Estes and they will be posted as required on this page.


September 21, 22 & 23rd, 2011

Sixth AMTA Reunion, San Antonio, Texas

CLICK HERE for a printable version of this information

CLICK HERE for more reunion information
Who is attending the 2011 AMTA Reunion Banquet?  CLICK HERE HILTON San Antonio Airport  CLICK HERE for pictures
Cost of hotel room for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people (Regular price  + tax)  
Hotel reservations call             1-888-728-3031       or CLICK HERE    Cutoff Date for hotel is 9/9/2011
Hotel website HILTON San Antonio Airport
Cost of reunion banquet and two entree buffet $29.00
Breakfast Buffet (regular price is $12.95 + tax = $14.02) Your Price is $7.95 + tax = $8.61
Free Parking at the Hotel Guests of the AMTA will be allowed to park free
CLICK HERE for a list of banquet attendees  
CLICK HERE for a list of AMTs attending the 2011 reunion but cannot attend the banquet dinner

ATTENTION: If you plan to attend FTVA functions (Hall of Honor ceremony, Memorial rededication, Picnic etc) at Lackland AFB and do not have a military I.D. card active duty or retired you must complete THIS FORM and send to the address on the form before August 15, 2011

REUNION SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE to view the 2011 AMTA reunion schedule.
FTVA GOLF TOURNAMENT: CLICK HERE to sign up for the 2011 FTVA Golf Tournament, Castroville, Texas
The 2011 AMTA Reunion is history and in the books and what a great time it was to see old friends with new faces and to talk over old times.
CLICK HERE to see pictures taken at the 2011 Reunion