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We flew on and maintained the equipment on many different type aircraft

Other Aircraft Pictures

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Lots of Aircraft Pictures

More RC Pictures

The RC-135 is just one of many aircraft maintained by dedicated AMTs throughout the years.  Others were:  RC-130, EC-121, EC-47 and earlier RB-47 & RB-50

The links in the opposite column were provided by former AMT Lee Frantz

C47 Drill Press.jpg (54389 bytes)

In the early days of USAFSS

Cobra Ball.jpg (23256 bytes)

Cobra Ball

EC47 1.jpg (27354 bytes)

A Gooney Bird (009)

EC47.jpg (30312 bytes)

A Gooney Bird on display

EC-121.jpg (38238 bytes)

Everyone remembers the EC-121

EC-130.jpg (35027 bytes)

Everyone remembers the EC-130

RC135D.jpg (20114 bytes)

RC 135D

rc-135u.jpg (50607 bytes)

RC 135U

Triple nickel.jpg (37279 bytes)

Another C-121

CompassCall1.jpg (59619 bytes)

Compass Call

rb50 3.jpg (36655 bytes)

One of the beginning RB-50s

RB50.jpg (35680 bytes)

RB-50 In flight

RB 47.jpg (32368 bytes)

RB 47

recc135.jpg (21182 bytes)

RC 135 (John S said, "not a U model")

C130b.jpg (40459 bytes)

C-130 in answer to Ed Smith


C130d.jpg (189671 bytes)

C-130 in answer to Ed Smith

C130c.jpg (68602 bytes)

C-130 in answer to Ed Smith

rc135u-14849.jpg (36883 bytes)

RC 135U, Beautiful!!

YokotaBird.jpg (68316 bytes)

C-130 from Yokota

ec-47_electric_goon.jpg (11783 bytes)

EC 47s (Probably Southeast Asia)

formationflying.jpg (39505 bytes)

EC 47s flying in formation

nodoor.jpg (17466 bytes)

Some EC 47s in Vietnam flew with no door

scan0004.jpg (132902 bytes)

Farad 41 Last C-130B II flight

scan0002.jpg (128589 bytes)

C 130 with Navy Artwork on the side

EC47.jpg (46734 bytes)

The Moon Goon

CobraBallIIIa.jpg (214172 bytes)

RC-135S, Cobra Ball-III, 61-2662

CobraBallIIIb.jpg (222452 bytes)

RC-135S, Cobra Ball-III, 61-2662


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