2009 AMTA Reunion
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2009 AMTA Reunion
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2009 AMTA Reunion, San Antonio, Texas
Thanks to Mike McLaughlin, Noe C Guerra and Bob White and the San Antonio Airport Hilton and their staff this was a near perfect reunion and probably one of the best yet.  Not to take away from the others as the previous four reunions were outstanding and bring a lot of great memories to each of us, but this one had most everything in place.  A very nice Hospitality Room which was also used as the meeting room and for the Silent Auction items.  The temperature got a little out of control a couple of times but all in all the room was great.

We will say the FTVA Golf Tournament was a memorable one as we were caught in two different down pours and none of us had a dry stitch of clothing on our bodies.  But the rain stopped and we kind of dried out and the barbeque following the golf was outstanding.  Doug Miller and his team won a little money but the rest of us just got wet and that was about it.

The banquet came off without a hitch and the John Paul Stevens High School Color Guard did an outstanding job presenting The Colors during the banquet.  The food was excellent and we heard nothing but great comments on the food and the service from the Hilton.  Our guest speaker, Retired Colonel Robert S. Cope gave an excellent speech (and short) as he talked of the AMTs and their importance in the missions.

The two ladies that worked with the AMTA Reunion Committee to ensure a memorable reunion at the Hilton were Shelli Harmon, Sales Manager and Bethany Reese, Convention Services Supervisor.  These two ladies approached every situation and made sure we were pleased and things went smoothly.

The General Membership elected three Associate Members during the reunion.  First was Janice Shuman, widow of Larry Shuman and long time friend of many AMTs.  Secondly was Ken Wondra, an L-3 Communications tech rep who has worked closely with many AMTs over the years.  Last was Dan Sloan a close friend to many AMTs and a person that has only missed one AMTA reunion.  Dan is an old USAFSS guy and he has long been a strong supporter of the AMTA both financially and by his active participation.

As we said in the beginning this has been an outstanding reunion and we had more new faces at this reunion that we had faces that have yet to miss a reunion.  Hopefully during the next one we can get more new faces and maybe some more back again from past reunions.

If you wish to add anything  concerning the reunion to this page feel free to send an email with your comments to Johnnie Estes and they will be posted on this page.

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