2007 AMTA Reunion
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110 Attended The 2007 AMTA Reunion in Dallas.........
Everything was not perfect for the 2007 AMTA Reunion at the Regency Hotel in Dallas, Texas , but it was lively and it was fun.  A few problems (TV doesn't work, A/C does not work, doors won't lock, doors won't unlock, refurbishing going on everywhere).  Hospitality Room about half the size it needed to be but all in all it was great.  Mr. Bill Wilson and Mr. John Dockins did a great job preparing for this reunion and it was done under, in many cases, very poor conditions.  It was obvious to everyone that a lot of work had gone into the planning and organizing.  If you get an opportunity send Bill and John an Email.

Mr. Neal Cooper was the guest speaker and he did a great job.  His topic was extremely appropriate and interesting.  The questions were plentiful when he finished.  Neal was an AMS while in the Air Force.  We appreciated his presentation and would like to see him back again in the future.

From Wednesday until Saturday Morning the action was non stop.  The first day was signing in and fellowship.  Visiting with many we had not seen in about 40 years.  A Board of Directors meeting and a bit of beer drinking and fellowship closed the first day.  Second day was a little more hectic.  General Membership Meeting at 10:00 AM and golf at Tenison Park at 1:00 PM.  Mr. Robert White was elected to the AMTA Board of Directors.  Mr. John Hurst, AMTA VSO, spoke with the general membership on different aspects of veteran's benefits which was enlightening.  We recommend if you were not at the meeting that you ask John to provide an overview of what he discussed.  We must congratulate Doug Miller and his team mates for taking first place in the first ever AMTA Golf Outing.  Doug's team was himself, John Hurst, Palmer McCoy and Charley King.  They won by a 7 point margin.  Charlie Bursell had the lowest net score and Jeff Knisley had longest drive honors.  Pat McDonald beat out Bob Dobbins for closest to the pin.  Due to more than a two year lay off from golf John Brown received the Duffer's trophy for highest net score.  The third day (last day) was non-stop until about mid-night.  The new AMTA Board of Directors met to elect new officers.  Johnnie Estes, President; Del Jolly, Vice-President; Mike McLaughlin, Secretary; Bob White, Treasurer.  Jim Worrell and Tom Petersen put together an excellent tour through the L-3 Comm plant at Greenville, Texas.  Bill and John had taken care of getting the bus.  One quote that was heard, "It was like old home week at the plant".  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Then we all got ready for the banquet and had a wonderful time with some outstanding food (London Broil and Grilled Whitefish).  Everyone returned to complete the bidding on the Silent Auction items and the bidding closed about 10:05 PM.  Everyone said goodbyes either Friday Evening or early Saturday Morning.

Food for thought for the future:  We need more people to step up and be willing to take the reigns and help with the AMTA.  If you can arrive a little early before the reunion officially starts (usually starts 12:00 noon on Wednesday) and help transport everything to the Hospitality Room would be a big help.  Many people are around when everything must be transported back down to the vehicles to be stored until the next reunion.  It appears the same people seem to be the ones to do the transporting and loading each time.  When you see one person or even two struggling with a load of things offer to help.  Thank you.

2007 AMTA Reunion History  
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